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About Us

About Us
      Company Profile

      Zhejiang Galet Machinery Co., LTD., located in the southeast coast of the new combined port city ----- Taizhou city, the local economy is active, the transportation is very convenient; Is a professional production, manufacturing, sales of all kinds of national standard pulley, European standard pulley, American standard pulley, pulley, coupling and other transmission machinery accessories integrated enterprise, has more than 20 years of production history.


      Our company has more than hundreds of precision CNC lathes, high precision machining and testing equipment, as well as advanced production technology at home and abroad, to ensure high-quality product output. Many excellent hardware supporting facilities, as well as the combination of senior engineers, production management elites, professional technology research and development team, is the company to quickly dig up and have the core competitiveness of the guarantee. Our products not only cover the national market, but also exported to many industrialized countries around the world.


      The company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle, intentions to provide our customers with the best quality service; At the same time, we strive for excellence in quality control, and can also be customized according to the drawings or samples provided by customers to meet the requirements of different customers, so it has been praised and recognized by domestic and foreign customers! Warmly welcome users from all walks of life to visit the company, let us work together to create a brilliant future!


        Professional focus

        Zhejiang gelvte Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead" and adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide customers with high-quality services. Our products not only cover the national market, but also sell well in many developed countries.


        Strength manufacturer

        Technical support, we provide professional technical guidance, auxiliary selection, after-sales service, solutions and other services. Factory direct sales, complete specifications, fast delivery, give you higher cost performance, better after-sales service.


        Non standard customization

        We can make all kinds of iron castings according to the drawings or samples provided by customers, and meet the requirements of customers. The product quality is praised by customers at home and abroad.

      • Enterprise Mission

        Provide high precision accessories to make the equipment more efficient.

      • Business Objectives

        To be a pioneer in the industry, we need market for quality and efficiency for management.

      • Enterprise Tenet

        Keep the high quality of products, provide customers with innovative, attractive and convenient products, and create higher value for customers.

      • Company Team

        There is no perfect individual, only the perfect team, the upper and lower desire, win.

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