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      Service Idea

      If there is any quality problem, all goods will be returned free of charge

      Proactive services:

      Before the user needs the service, think about what the user thinks and meet the user's service expectations. For example, technical guidance before sale, use training during sale, centralized training from after-sale to before use, regular training after use, return visit of after-sale users, etc.

      Full service:

      Based on the operation value chain, the service concept is integrated into R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Every employee of the company is a service unit. Through the coordination and linkage mechanism of each link of the value chain, the & ldquo; internal service chain & rdquo; and & ldquo; external service chain & rdquo; are closely combined to realize the true service of all employees.

      Differentiated services:

      It subdivides and organizes users, individual users, trial users, new product users, centralized and scattered operation services, carefully designs targeted service schemes, configures resources according to user value differences, establishes service comparative advantages, and continuously launches diversified products to meet user needs, so as to provide customized services for users.

      Efficient service:

      Based on customer relationship management, improve marketing channels, optimize service processes, improve support means, and meet customer needs with efficient services.

      Good service:

      Pay attention to the construction of service team and the cultivation of service skills, improve the quality of customer service, and move users with friendly and meticulous service.

      Professional technology
      The company has a strong technical force, a complete quality management system and quality control system, strict quality inspection means and perfect testing equipment, to ensure that products leave factory with high quality, including the safety and health of employees, as well as no pollution emissions in the production process. The company has passed many strict international certification with high standards, such as ISO9001-2008, CE, GS, ROHS, GT / b18001, ISO14001, son and SNI, etc.

        A series of breakthrough innovations have brought our company a well deserved global reputation


        Our many years of production experience, bring you better products and services, let you use at ease


        Strict product quality testing, to give you high-quality, high-quality products, to ensure the company's high reputation


      Gelvte warmly welcomes the cooperation and visit of new and old customers at home and abroad. We will wholeheartedly pay back with reliable quality and first-class service.

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