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      Is the pulley selection difficult?
      Date:2020-06-17 12:02:21 Click:

      Are you still worried about the selection of the pulley? Are so many parameters dazzled? In fact, it is not so complicated. If you want to choose the right pulley model, you only need to pay attention to these five parameters

      The main five parameters

      1. Motor power

      2. Motor speed (level can also be)

      3. Speed ??ratio a=(motor speed/spindle speed=spindle pulley outer diameter/motor pulley outer diameter)

      4. Take safety factor according to working conditions, load conditions, environmental conditions and other conditions. (General fan safety factor is 1.5)

      5. Under normal circumstances, the spz type pulley is selected for power below 7.5kw, the spa type pulley is selected for 7.5-15kw, the spb type pulley is selected for 15-30kw, and the spc type pulley is selected for over 30kw.

      Does it look a little dazed? Let's take an example to study!

      In the selection, we will choose the faster one and it will be more accurate, so we choose the motor wheel first.

      1. Motor power 45kw, motor speed 960r/min, spindle speed 900r/min

      2. According to the calculation of general safety factor 1.5, the belt must drive at least 45*1.5=67.5 power.

      3. According to the formula, calculate the speed ratio a=960/900=1.07

      4. Choose spc type pulley according to motor power

      5. According to the parameter motor speed 960r/min, if three slots are selected, then each belt load is 22.5kw, as seen from the spc belt power meter, the 300 pulley 22.56kw>22.5kw is selected. Therefore, the diameter of the motor wheel we chose is 300mm, and the model is spc300-3

      The above selection is based on the American Jason belt power meter. The specific practical application depends on the operating conditions of the belt and actual load used to adjust the safety factor. The power of general domestic belts will be lower than jason belts.

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