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      Teach you to easily adjust the pulley fan
      Date:2020-06-17 12:07:50 Click:

      Recently, the editor has seen a problem raised by netizens, saying that the belt is longer than the original due to the long use time, and the belt will jitter during operation. However, after adjusting the fan pulley, it was found that the two pulleys are not on the same plane. There is abnormal noise (the sound of the belt rubbing the pulley) when the fan is running. Is there any way to adjust the fan pulley? Let's see how to solve it!

      2 ways to adjust the fan pulley

      1. The principle of determining a straight line according to two points. Find a thin line, find two points on the outer side wall of one of the pulleys (just find it, preferably in the direction of the belt), straighten, based on this line, you can know the distance between the outer side wall of the other pulley Just adjust the distance as far as the line is. However, it is best to use the main shaft wheel as the drawing wire, because most of the years of experience of the teacher are the motor wheel deviation.

      2. Find a long iron plate that is relatively straight, and the length is preferably slightly longer than the center distance of the two pulleys. Clamp this long iron plate to the main shaft wheel, and adjust the motor wheel based on this plate.

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