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      What is the angle of spc type pulley
      Date:2020-06-17 12:08:15 Click:

      We have talked about the European standard pulley many times, from model to specification, from size to price, from design to production, the purpose is to let more people know it. Today we are going to talk about the topic of spc type pulley angle, the reason is that just yesterday a company came to consult, and today we will talk about this.

      European standard pulley model parameter table

      The spc type pulley angle refers to the angle of the groove

      When using a pulley on a device, two parameters related to angle are generally involved, one is the angle of the pulley groove, and the other is the angle formed by the driven pulley. The former is the parameter related to the model when purchasing the European standard pulley, the latter is the parameter used when calculating the center distance of the pulley or the length of the belt. Generally increase the angle of the pulley, in most cases refers to the angle of the groove.

      Speaking of spc type pulleys, it is one of the commonly used European standard pulleys, suitable for fitting on motors above 25Kw. The angle of the spc type pulley groove is not a fixed value. Look at the picture above, everyone will understand. The DP value is the pitch circle of the pulley (the pitch circle is slightly smaller than the diameter). When the pitch circle size is 315mm, the angle of the groove is 34°, plus or minus 0.5°; when the pitch circle size is >315mm, the angle of the groove is 38° , Plus or minus 0.5°. The production accuracy of industrial products is mostly in millimeters, and the requirements for angles will also be more precise.

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